Galena Trail

Contact the New Denver Visitor Centre for more information.

Phone: 250-358-2719



A section of the Galena Trail has been closed due to a slide as of April 24th. The trail is closed from Three Forks to the cable car. The RDCK estimates it could take up to a week to reopen that section of the trail.  A section of the trail is open from New Denver to Denver Canyon. Visit the RDCK for up-to-date information

The trail runs from Rosebery to Three Forks—a 13-kilometre section of old CPR rail right-of-way. It makes for excellent hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Hook your bike onto the small cable car that crosses Carpenter Creek at the old Alamo mine site, where you can see the remains of the old concentrator. Uphill from the concentrator is a derelict old house.

A hiker can get from Rosebery to New Denver in about 1 ½ hours, from New Denver to Three Forks in 2 ¼ hours.

For maps and more information visit the Slocan Valley Chamber website.

Getting Here:

  • Access in Rosebery is from a parking lot accessed from Rosebery Loop Road.
  • Access in New Denver is from Denver Siding, accessed from Denver Siding Road. From here head east toward Three Forks or north toward Rosebery (this means crossing Denver Siding Road and Highway 31A, then a little further northwest crossing Highway 6).
  • Access at Three Forks is from Sandon Road, at the junction with Highway 31A (8km east of New Denver).